Hospital Having a Lower Risk of Infection…

‘Zero spreading of cross infection’ is aimed due to a special molecule which is the first in the world and patented and it is developed in Yeditepe University Laboratories. This special molecule which is developed completely locally is applied to all the materials since construction of the hospital and thus antimicrobial hospital ‘Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital’ comes to life.

Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital is challenging with the hygiene and technology standards in the world and with its 180 bed capacity, 6 beds in intensive care, nine operation rooms, and with specialist and academician doctor staff reaching to nearly 100 in 35.000 m2 indoor space and having a chance to be the first antimicrobial hospital of Turkey.


Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital, which Prof. Gazi Yaşargil, MD who is called the brain surgeon of the century and Prof. Uğur Türe, MD and his team are serving in, became a specialization center especially for neurological science and oncology. Specializations equipped with high technology includes; brain surgery, cancer surgery, medical oncology, bone marrow transplantation for children, bone marrow transplantation for adults, orthopedics, thoracic surgery, ENT, general surgery, gastroenterology, nuclear medicine, interventional radiography.


In the brain surgery operation room there is 3 Tesla Intraoperative MRI device that has a special software which and decreases the time of having an MRI from 24 minutes to 4 minutes. Diagnosis, treatment, psychological support, dietary training, pain management, complementary medicine services are provided for oncologic patients with a multidisciplinary approach. In Interventional Radiology unit which has a high technology. Treatments are provided for a lot of diseases from aneurism in brain to diabetic foot.

Founder and Honorary President of Yeditepe University Bedrettin Dalan was stated that “Studies show that, approximately fifty percent of postoperative mortality is derived from hospital pathogens. We focused to solve this problem. We developed a completely local and national molecule. We applied this Boron based microbicide molecule which is not harming to human cells to our all fixture equipments from door handles to floor coverings, from power sockets to wall paints” while giving information about antimicrobial molecule which is developed by Yeditepe University.


He also added that “Besides the molecule we developed, we started working during construction level for zero cross infection spreading. For example, there are no angled walls in our hospital. Because angled walls contain microbes no matter how clean they are. Starting from this point of view, we designed all the walls as concave or convex, agonic. We raised the level in healthcare field more this time”

Bedrettin Dalan who stated that 200 laboratories and over 500 academician is in charge in Yeditepe University; also added that the total sizes of laboratories are equal to two football fields, studies are continuing, the substructure of biotechnology and genetic science are competing with the world’s best universities. Bedrettin Dalan emphasizes that sources are unlimited for scientific studies and they admitted patients from over 100 countries till now.


Dalan who claimed that Yeditepe University Hospitals have also certifications from international health rating agencies also stated that “There are washable beds in both two hospitals of Yeditepe University. After the patient left the room, the bed is washed with high temperature hot water, disinfected with a special material and so the new patient comes to a very clean bed. There are antimicrobial filters in ventilators in for both of the two hospitals”

Yeditepe University Health Care Institutions:

  1. Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital
  2. Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital
  3. Yeditepe University Dental Hospital
  4. Yeditepe University Eye Center
  5. Yeditepe University Bağdat Street Polyclinic
  6. Yeditepe University Complementary Medical Center
  7. Yeditepe University Genetic Diagnosis Center
  8. Yeditepe University Tissue Typing Laboratory

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