Our healthcare division started operations in 2005 as the integrated healthcare delivery component of Yeditepe University, situated in an upscale district on the Asian side of the city of Istanbul. It is a private teaching institution committed to providing the best possible options for accurate and efficient diagnosis, and the team management of patient care. Our multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis ensures a continuum of safe and high quality care for all our patients.

We are strategically planning to build and strengthen services tailored to the needs of our communities. Planning and activity is not limited to direct services. They include systems, infrastructure and nurturing the culture to support those services. Yeditepe University Hospital Healthcare Institution’s mission is shaped by the basic value of ‘Care without Compromise’.

Our commitment to the integrity, comfort and well-being of the individual, and our conviction that medical education and research are essential to the provision of the highest quality patient care, is what ensures that our hospitals and centers combine a rigorous maintenance of the most advanced technological and healthcare standards, with the most essential human elements of welcoming and caring for each and every patient from all around the world.

Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions has a number of premises across Asian side and European side, including:


Considered a leader in patient care, medical education and research, Yeditepe Teaching Hospital is known for innovative procedures for conditions such as Parkinson’s, epilepsy surgeries, pediatric and adult expertise for bone marrow, kidney and liver transplantations.

Students and members of the surrounding communities also have access to a top-rated department and medical facilities for the most advanced medical procedures.

Our Teaching Hospital is also noted for being home to pioneering innovative technologies and programs including state-of-the-art neurosurgical procedures.

The hospital has 105 beds, 8 theatres (including a minimally invasive theatre and the new Hybrid vascular theatre), an endoscopy unit, a radiology unit, dialysis and Intensive Care Unit.


Yeditepe University’s latest investment, our Specialty Hospital, is the world’s first ‘totally antibacterial hospital’, using antibacterial surface coatings specially developed and patented by Yeditepe University’s R&D units. The specialty hospital, which was completed and opened in 2016 is located at Koşuyolu on the Asian side of Istanbul. The facility, which is built on ten floors, has 212 dedicated patient bedrooms.

Our flagship Specialty Hospital thus takes the title of the world’s first fully antibacterial medical institution, a major development in the fight against infection, one of the most fundamental issues facing all hospitals.

Yeditepe Specialty Hospital is affiliated with Yeditepe University Teaching Hospital, and its School of Medicine and Nursing, themselves the source of notable medical breakthroughs. Yeditepe Specialty Hospital is architecturally and technologically designed to fuse the positive and life enhancing attributes of a ‘Smart Hospital’, a ‘Green Hospital’ and a ‘Digital Hospital’.


Considered a leading provider of dental health care in the region, Yeditepe Dental Hospital is closely affiliated to Yeditepe University’s Faculty of Dentistry, and Yeditepe Teaching Hospital.

Yeditepe Dental Hospital serves international patients in 10 specialist departments - Maxillofacial Surgery-Implantology, Pedodontics, Periodontology, Dental Radiology, Dental and Implant prosthesis, Endodontics, Oral Diagnosis, Orthodontics, Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry, and Facial pain and Temporomandibular disorders.

Our Dental Hospital is headed by some of the leading dental specialists in the country. The hospital is JCI-accredited, certified by the Association of Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) and the European Federation of Periodontology, and has ISO-9001 international standards certifications.


Established in 2007 to offer patients from around the world the security, seriousness and scientific expertise of our top ranking University, Yeditepe University Eye Hospital is one of the leading providers of eye health services in Turkey and a world-class centre of excellence for ophthalmic research, education and training. The Yeditepe University Eye Hospital at European side with 3 floor and 4 operation theaters serves in-patients and out-patients from all around the world.

We focus on the treatment and care of our patients with a wide range of eye problems across 11 fields of sub-specialization, from common complaints to rare conditions that require treatment not available elsewhere in the region. The volume and variety of conditions treated by our clinicians gives them a unique range of skills and knowledge.

Fully accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), our center is fully equipped with intelligent infrastructure and systems for advanced diagnostic, treatment and surgical techniques. Exceptional levels of clinical hygiene are guaranteed by the latest technologies; all our operating theaters are equipped with advanced “laminar flow” systems.

With its emphasis on innovation, research and best practice implementation, Yeditepe Eye Hospital has become a leading reference center not only in Turkey but for the region as a whole.


Our Medical Center is widely recognized for the provision of high quality, comprehensive healthcare for the adults and children from our community. By transforming the healthcare experience through a culture of family centered care, teamwork, and education while pushing the limits of excellence through discovery, efficiency and advocacy, we pledge to be first in bringing progressive advancements and clinical innovations to the lives of those we serve at these areas:

- Diet and Nutrition

- Pediatric Allergy

- Pediatrics

- Pediatric Psychology

- Dermatology

- Infectious Diseases

- Endocrinology

- Adultery Allergy

- Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

- Gastroenterology

- General Surgery

- Eye

- Gynecology

- New Born Unit


- Nephrology

- Orthopedics and Traumatology

- Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery

- Psychiatry

- Rheumatology

- Urology


Our Genetic Diagnostic Center is a pioneer in clinical molecular genetic diagnosis for the entire region, pursuing both health care and research objectives in full cooperation with Yeditepe University Hospital Healthcare Institutions’ University and Clinical Research Center to deliver a world-class standard of excellence in the treatment of all our international patients.

Serving patients in an 800 m2 area on the university campus, the Center consists of an admissions and physical examination room, together with advanced molecular diagnostics, cytogenics and tissue culture laboratories. The Center focuses on clinical cancer genetics for early diagnosis and treatment, pre-implantation genetic diagnostics, molecular karyotyping / chromosome micro-array CGH methods, and advanced R&D.

Since Yeditepe University Hospital Healthcare Institutions does not outsource these crucial diagnostic aspects, but uses its own dedicated laboratories equipped with the very latest scientific and medical equipment, we are able to provide a far more detailed and efficient service to our international patients.

Once again, Yeditepe University Hospital Healthcare Institutions leads the field in providing our patients with the very latest scientific technology and methods across all fields of specialization.


Whether you live in Istanbul, across Turkey or around world, specialists at Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions are available to review your medical records and provide an expert opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan -without the need for an in- person visit.

Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions collaborates with digital platforms via tele-medicine, to offer remote second opinions from Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions in virtually every medical specialty. Having a second opinion can reassure you about a challenging diagnosis, or help you and your doctor plan the most appropriate course of treatment.

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Making an appointmet at Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions couldn't be easier, wheter you use your private medical insurance, pay for your own treatment ora re funded by third party.

As one of the region's leading independent private hospitals, we offer appointments with World class specialist and experts.

As an international patient, you will be you will be offered comprehensive service in the language of your choice right from your initial enquiry, through your medical treatment and, if necessary, help in liaising with your doctor in your home country upon your return home.

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