A retired teacher whose life became unbearable due to complaints of "Trigeminal Neuralgia", defined as maddening pain, Nermin Altınbaşak healed with acupuncture treatment. Despite the different treatment methods performed, he applied to Yeditepe University Complementary Medical Center with the guidance of her spouse after the pain that she could not define and her facial paralysis. After acupuncture treatment applied by Dr Berna Atay, she was able to return to her painless and healthy days in as little as one month.

Due to the severe headaches and the unbearable pain that she experienced when she even moves her mouth, a picture with the fear of not to be able to talk, not to be able to eat, not to be able to go out, and even evolving to facial paralysis. The source of these problems of Nermin Altınbaşak, a retired science teacher who has been living with these complaints for about five years, is trigeminal neuralgia, the name of which is not known much.

Unfortunately, time is lost until the diagnosis is made in trigeminal neuralgia, a neurological problem that turns the lives of the people with experiencing it into nightmares. It's often mistaken for toothache. Nermin Altınbaşak, on the other hand, attributed the source of her pain to the depression he experienced. The final diagnosis for her pains that started five years ago was established last September. She underwent medication and physical therapy afterwards. When her problems were not completely eliminated, she applied to Yeditepe University Complementary Medical Center for acupuncture treatment with the suggestion of her daughter-in-law.


“My spouse didn't believe it at first."

Nermin Altınbaşak, who says she believes she will get positive outcomes before starting treatment, describes her experiences as follows: “In the evening, there was a severe contraction and pain in my head. I couldn't lift my head, but I was comfortable when I lied down. I felt pain in my teeth, gums, eyes, that is, all over my face. Before I started acupuncture treatment, my spouse did not believe much that I would recover. He thought that the pain would go away for a while but then start again. I asked Dr Berna Atay, Yeditepe University Complementary Medical Center specialist, whether we would get a permanent outcome. She stated that if the source of the problems is not psychological, it might be possible, but still, she could not give a complete, definitive answer. My spouse's initial negative opinion changed after starting treatment and getting the outcomes of the initial recovery.”


The outcomes started to be seen in the first session.

Nermin Altınbaşak, who took a short break from her treatment for four weeks and eight sessions, explains what she experienced after the start of acupuncture treatment: “After the first session, the sense of contraction at the edge of my mouth and the sense of carving at my head and teeth diminished and after the third session it got over completely. The shape of my lip improved. Now I can sleep thanks to my painless nights. In this period, I tried to drink plenty of water. I also avoided floury and gluten foods. Now, I'm waking up more relaxed now, feeling more energetic. My pre-treatment sleep quality was worse, but now I feel more energetic even if I sleep for a few hours.”

Treatment approach changes pursuant to the patient

Dr Berna Atay, reminding that trigeminal neuralgia is on the acupuncture treatable diseases list according to the World Health Organization, says that they have achieved almost a hundred per cent improvement with Nermin Altınbaşak in a very short time. However, she also adds that this period may also vary pursuant to each patient and the severity of the disease.


The outcomes were seen in a short time

Dr Berna Atay explains what she applied in the treatment of acupuncture in specific to this case, in which two different methods, laser acupuncture and needle acupuncture, is also used: “Our first goal was to downgrade the complaints. It was to reduce the pain, contraction, and spasm caused by trigeminal neuralgia, and its negative effects on the chewing muscles. With laser acupuncture, we sent light frequencies with pain relief properties into the deep tissue. We also utilized frequencies that relieve inflammation and increase body resistance. We detected weak energy in the stomach meridian of Nermin Hanım, and we also performed an implementation for it. She feels better, both physically and psychologically. For now, we took a short break for the treatment. We'll check back soon, and we'll have protection sessions every 1-1,5 months if necessary.”

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