He was told in his country that his leg had to be amputated!

Nikolazi, who is only 7 years old, faced the danger of losing his leg as a result of a traffic accident while on holiday with his family. He came to Yeditepe University Hospital after being told that there was nothing that could be done for treatment in his country and that his leg could be amputated. After the challenging operations and treatment performed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uğur Anıl Bingöl, who is Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgery Specialist, his foot and leg recovered.

The summer holiday, which had began extremely enjoyable last August, ended with an unexpected accident for the Edilashvili Family. While Little Nikolazi was walking on the road with his grandmother on an ordinary day, because his family called out to him, Niko suddenly run away from his grandmother and jumped on the road. At that moment, a truck hit Niko and ran over his leg. His mother explains the rest of the incident as follows:

“I can't remember how we reached the accident site as soon as we heard the news. A few minutes lasted as if they were hours. At that time, hundreds of scenarios passed through my mind. Thank God, Niko was alive. But, his leg was in very bad shape. We immediately took him to the hospital. They said that all his foot bones were broken, and there were bruises between his knee and toes. The primary bad news came later. Because they explained that it may be necessary to have his foot amputated. Can you imagine, a 7-year-old boy who has not experienced anything yet could lose his leg. ”

After this news, his father, Iakob Edilashvili, who is the First Vice-President of the Georgian Presidency, was on the quest to recover his son to health. Niko was brought to Yeditepe University Hospital in Turkey about 15 days after the accident.


“The last resort for us is amputation of the leg”

Yeditepe University Hospital Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgery Specialist, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uğur Anıl Bingöl, telling that “amputation of the leg is always the last option for us and we do absolutely anything to save the leg,” told the following about Nikolazi.

“We first contacted the family via the internet. They conveyed us the evaluations made in Georgia and information about the condition of the leg. They asked if it could be saved without the need for amputation. We said that the chances of recovery are so high. Nikon came to Turkey. We first looked at the state of his veins, and then began to close the wounds by cleaning up them.”


The venules that is thinner than the strand of hair were interfered

The boy's bones and soft tissues were crushed. There was no skin from below the knee to the ankle. First, the skin was taken from both thighs and transplanted. Meanwhile, supportive treatments were also continued so that Niko's body was ready for major surgery. But, since it was not possible for a person to walk without a heel, the main problem was to re-heel. For this reason, an operation performed very often in adults but very difficult to perform in young children such as Niko 7 years old was performed. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uğur Anıl Bingöl gave the following information about the surgery, called “free flap”, which requires microsurgery and was completed in about seven hours: “Along with its vessels, a muscle  which is found in the thigh and does not cause a dysfunction in the body when it is diminishing was transplanted to the heel. The venules that is thinner than the strand of hair were stitched together. As a result, by creating a new heel, the foot was saved and allowed to walk. Everything went well after the surgery.”


Now he can play football freely

Niko, who had stayed in hospital for a week, returned to his country after staying in Turkey for keeping under observation for about a month. As long as it continues to grow, in order to prevent any shortness in the leg, its regular checkups is being continued. His mother, who stated that Niko is now quite healthy and is able to walk, and run painlessly, said, “Niko loves football very much. He's chasing after the ball every day.”



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