Our specialist staff will assess your conditions after you have undergone your procedure or treatment, and you will be discharged when the specialist agrees that you are well enough to go home to carry on recovering.

Yeditepe’s international patient services department staff will be on hand to make the discharge process as stress-free and comfortable an experience as possible.

Your doctor may write a prescription for medications to take home with you. These will be dispensed by the pharmacy and a Yeditepe expert will talk to you about how to take them correctly and tell inform you about any possible side effects.

Please call the international patient services department, or ask your nurse to call reception, to arrange a assistance if you need help with your baggage.



You will be covered by any agreement which exists between Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions and the insurer if you are insured by a company or sponsored by your company. You should ask your insurer to confirm that it will cover your treatment and make sure you are clear about any exceptions in your policy; Yeditepe staff can assist you in this process.


If you are paying for your own treatment at Yeditepe, our international patient services department will have given you a guide price based on the information provided to us by your specialist.

You may also be asked to pay a deposit when you arrive, to cover additional charges. Your overall treatment cost will include various additional charges, for example:

There may be other specialists or experts involved in your treatment plan, or as part of your medical and/or surgical team such as anesthetists, radiologists or intensive care treatment. You will be presented with a single bill with a detailed breakdown.

Hospital charges such as nursing care, 24-hour access to resident medical officers, medical supplies, use of medical and surgical equipment, room and meals, and general housekeeping. Please note that the services of the international patient services department are delivered FREE OF CHARGE.

Personal charges – you will be given a personal account to cover the cost of special nursing, take-home medication, laundry and dry cleaning, consumables and non-medical items such as telephone calls, visitors’ meals, newspapers, etc.

You may wish to give your credit card details when you first arrive to make it easier for you to pay for any of these items.


Some patients at Yeditepe University Hospital Healthcare Institutions are sponsored by an employer, professional body or diplomatic mission. If your sponsor has been approved by Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions, we will send our invoices directly to the concerned body, embassy or sponsoring organization.

If you are paying for treatment yourself at Yeditepe, you will be asked to provide a deposit for your clinic fees on admission. You will then be asked to settle your account in full before you leave.

Whether you are a sponsored patient or paying for your own treatment, you will also need to pay any personal charges including take-home medications, newspapers ordered during your stay, telephone calls and visitors’ meals and drinks.


Your doctor may write a prescription for medication to take home with you. These will be dispensed by the pharmacy and a Yeditepe specialist will talk to you about how to take them correctly and tell you about any possible side effects.

Our pharmacy is staffed by qualified experts who provide safe and effective medicines to all patients at Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions. The pharmacy team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • give medication advice to medical and nursing staff
  • review your prescription chart to make sure your medication is being used effectively
  • supply medication for you to use during your stay and after your are discharged
  • give you information and advice about your medications

Please let your nurse know if you’d like to speak to the pharmacist, or ask Yeditepe’s international patient services department for assistance.


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Whether you live in Istanbul, across Turkey or around world, specialists at Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions are available to review your medical records and provide an expert opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan -without the need for an in- person visit.

Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions collaborates with digital platforms via tele-medicine, to offer remote second opinions from Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions in virtually every medical specialty. Having a second opinion can reassure you about a challenging diagnosis, or help you and your doctor plan the most appropriate course of treatment.

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Making an appointmet at Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions couldn't be easier, wheter you use your private medical insurance, pay for your own treatment ora re funded by third party.

As one of the region's leading independent private hospitals, we offer appointments with World class specialist and experts.

As an international patient, you will be you will be offered comprehensive service in the language of your choice right from your initial enquiry, through your medical treatment and, if necessary, help in liaising with your doctor in your home country upon your return home.

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