Environmental Factors and Pollution Might Cause Increases in Hypospadias Cases...

There is an increase in hypospadias cases in recent years. The Pediatry Specialist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şafak Karaçay from Yeditepe University’s Kozyatağı Hospital states that the reasons for this significant increase are multiple environmental factors and pollution.

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Age Well With the Magic of Herbs, Veggies, Fruits

In order to age well, you have to live well, said Terekeci.A healthy diet, regular exercise and sleep routine are crucial but this kind of a lifestyle should continue throughout your life. Certain herbs also give your body a little boost given your age and environmental factors. It is possible to age well with the magic of herbs.

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He Had a Kidney Transplant, Got Rid of Heart Failure as Well

The life of the 46-year-old man Nevzat Orman changed completely 2,5 years ago when he was diagnosed with renal failure. Due to coronary failure developed during the dialysis treatment, they said he could receive transplantation and he was on the danger list. Nevzat Orman’s difficult operation was performed by the General Surgeon Prof. Dr. Gürkan Tellioğlu at the Organ Transplantation Center of the Yeditepe University Hospitals. A kidney donated by his son was transplanted into him.

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Walking Problems of Children Might Indicate Vertigo

Pointing to the fact that children can also suffer from Vertigo like adults, the Otorhinolaryngologist Prof. Dr. Arzu TATLIPINAR said: “When children have walking problems, dizziness, vomiting, fear, or sweating problems, it is definitely necessary to check if they have Vertigo. In fact, 5-6 per cent of all children may have this problem.”

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Her Kidney Stone, 6 cm in Size, Was Taken With One And a Half Hour Operation

67 year old Mürvet Gülbay from İstanbul got rid of pains she had been suffering for 5 years through a non-surgical and pain-free operation lasting one and a half hours. Stating the fact that the surgery, which was done by means of a flexible method through which the stones in the kidney are broken, a first in the world for such a big stone, the Urology specialist Prof. Dr. Faruk Yencilek said: “Our aim was to turn this huge stone into dust and we managed it.”

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Non- Surgical Reflux Treatment

The non-surgical reflux treatment has been applied all around the world since 2010. The first name using this treatment method in Turkey is Prof. Dr. Cengiz Pata, an Interior Diseases and Gastroenthology Specialist at the Yeditepe University’s Koşuyolu Hospital. Stating the fact that a patient can recover after this endoscopy surgery that takes 45 mins to 1 hour, Prof. Dr. Cengiz Pata said: “This is a permanent treatment method and the success rate is 90 per cent. We will solve the reflux problem completely with this treatment”.

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Guiding the Science of Medicine, Three Scientists are in Yeditepe

Prof .Gazi YAŞARGİL, M.D., Prof. Fahrettin KELEŞTEMUR, M.D., and Prof. Muzaffer DEĞERTEKİN, M.D., light the way for the medical community with their studies conducted in Yeditepe University.

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Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital Officially Opened

The official opening of the 8th hospital of the Yeditepe University Hospitals Group in Koşuyolu was held. Speaking at the ceremony, Yeditepe University Founder and Honorary Chairman Bedrettin Dalan said that they will continue to work in the health field and break grounds in Turkey with the power they receive from education.

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Yeditepe Hospital of the Year

Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions was honored to receive Hospital of the Year

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World’s First Antimicrobial Hospital

World’s first antimicrobial hospital, has opened.

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Welcome to Our New Website

Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions now have a brand new, easy-to-use website.

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Physicians from Kazakhstan

A delegation of physicians from Kazakhstan returned home after completing a 2-week training program.

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